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Spanish Courses in Seville

Learn to speak Spanish in the midst of proud Andalusian culture, delightful Spanish cuisine and experience the despair of Flamenco and the life-affirming attitude of Seville's inhabitants. Receive modern and communicative Spanish language tuition and find out about Seville's fascinating history. An international Spanish course will improve your foreign language skills and allow for insights into a fascinating culture. It is fun, too!

Seville City Guide

Seville is the major city of proud Andalusia and is famous for its bullfighters and Flamenco artists. The Moorish influence pervading Spanish culture is esp. visible here. Seville's immense Roman Catholic cathedral was built on top of pulled down mosque. 'La Giralda', the mosque's remaining minaret, is proof of this double-tracked tradition. 'Torre del Oro' (Golden Tower) once was covered with gold. 'Archivo de las Indias' is the main data source of Spain's involvement in the Americas complete with original manuscripts by Columbus, Cortéz and Pizarro. Ancient 'Alcazar' is fortified to await Armageddon and tells tales of Seville's contested history. 'Museo del Bella Arte' displays a fine selection of Spain's golden age. The city's 'Plaza del Torres' is the oldest and most famous bullfighting location in the country.

The city inspired Mozart, Rossini and Bizet to compose operas like: "El Barbero de Sevilla" (barber of Seville) and "Carmen".
The climate of Seville is warm and visits are worthwhile all year round. However, a special highlight is Seville's dramatic 'Semana Santa' (holy week) and exuberant 'Feria de Abril', a religious celebration with processions, bull fighting and the country's best Flamenco artists.

Study at Seville University

Founded in the 16th century as Catholic university Seville's academic institution looks back on a fascinating history. Since the middle of the 20th century the university is housed in 'Antigua Fábrica de Tabacos', an ancient tobacco factory which allegedly was the historical setting of 'Carmen'.

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