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Spanish Courses in Salamanca

It's tradition as university town provides an intellectually inspiring climate. Spanish courses of varying intensity and all levels ensure individual progress and a satisfactory Spanish learning holiday.
The weather is agreeable: not too hot in summer and not to cold in winter. Evenings can be chilly, though.

Salamanca City Guide

Salamanca is an ancient university town, graceful and elegant. Central Plaza Mayor seems to be the shortcut from anywhere to anywhere else and serves as the city's social node with many pubs and restaurants inviting to stay for a glass of red wine. 'Casa de las Conchas' (House of Shells) is aptly named and quite a sight. 'Catedral Nueva' (new cathedral) features an impressive Gothic entrance and interior with an exceptionally harmonious use of space and light. Its spires are used by storks for nest building. 'Catedral Vieja' (old cathedral) is only slightly less breath-taking. The ancient Roman bridge offers beautiful views over Salamanca and its two cathedrals.

Mountainous northern Extremadura are nearby and offer a multitude of leisure activities. Beautiful 'Las Hurdes' are largely untouched by tourism with slate houses and green pastures.

Study at Salamanca University

Salamanca university is one of the most traditional academic institutes of Spain which enjoyed world wide reputation for a long time and almost faltered in the 18th century due to lack of students. Today, it has regained some of its glory and instructs about 45,000 students in a broad selection of academic subjects.

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