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Spanish Courses in Madrid

Spanish courses in Spain are the perfect way to learn Spanish. Madrid is an excellent location for immersing yourself in Spanish culture. It is located at the very center of Spain and you get the chance to discover the country through fascinating weekend excursion. Madrid has always been a city of immigrants and is unusually open and accessible city. Don't miss out on the chance of experiencing the spirit of Madrid while taking part in a international language program with intensive Spanish instruction. Learn to speak Spanish in the midst of a city that never sleeps.

Madrid City Guide

Madrid is probably the most underrated capital of Europe. Less cosmopolitan than Barcelona and less charming than Seville it seems to be economic force and administrative hub only. This prejudice is defied the minute you arrive.
Madrid's greatest force are the locals: energetic, joyful and supremely tolerant they work and party hard and sleep little.
Many palaces and boulevards esp. near central 'Puerta del Sol' are historic manifestations of Habsburgs power. Franco's unpopular dictatorship has been a halting force now overcome by an embrace of modernity and avant-garde. 'Museo de Prado' is one of the world's finest collections of Goya, Velázquez and other ancient masters. 'Reina Sofia' features the vanguard of early 20th century art. Museum Thyssen-Bornemisza completes this cultural triangle.

Madrid's stadium fits up to 75.000 fans of notorious soccer team Real Madrid. Other favorite pastimes include bullfighting, partying, shopping and dining out. Madrid's hinterland and sierras offers a multitude of outdoors activities.

Study at Madrid University

'Universidad Complutense' looks back on a long tradition with an impressive staff list including José Ortega y Gasset. Carlos III university was founded in 1989 and is the youngest and most modern university in Madrid with a focus on social sciences, law, humanities and technical studies. Autonomous university has an interesting study program in the field of computer studies.
Madrid has always been the academic and intellectual center of Spain as well as offering considerable career opportunities.

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