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Spanish Courses in Granada

Granada is easily accessible on foot and opens up to the visitor even if you do not stay for a longer period. An international Spanish course in Granada leaves enough time to explore the city's romantic roads and to tune in to local palaver - the most fascinating way to increase your Spanish vocabulary. Grammar, writing and reading skills are taught in effective Spanish courses in the modern and renowned Spanish language schools of the city.

Granada City Guide

Moorish palaces and Christian Renaissance buildings coexist in the streets of Granada. Albayzín, the old Islamic quarter, is full of atmospheric narrow streets. The Alhambra and neighboring garden 'El Generalife' is one of the major achievements of Islamic culture which flourished in Southern Spain for three centuries. Astounding sophistication shows in every aspect of the complex building.
Next to the cathedral you can find 'Capilla Real', the burial chapel of King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella who ended the Islamic reign over the city in 1492.

The caves of Sacromonte, dug into a hillside in the north of the city, are another popular attraction.

Study at Granada University

In the 15th century the university of Granada was founded by Carl V as a continuation of comparable academic institutions left behind by conquered Muslims and offers a broad selection of academic degree courses. Even in the Middle Ages Granada has been a stronghold of medical studies, a focus that has been maintained till today.

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