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Spanish Courses in Barcelona

International Spanish courses in Barcelona allow for detailed insights into the working of Spain's trendiest city. You pick up vocabulary strolling down 'Las Ramblas' or eating in one of the many local restaurants. Meet people from all over the world at an international Spanish program in Barcelona and learn Spanish directly where the language is spoken.

Barcelona City Guide

Barcelona is the second largest city of Spain and enjoys international appeal and reputation for being hip and trendy. Many buildings were designed by Spain's most eccentric architect Antonio Gaudí: the unfinished church 'La Sagrada Família', apartment and office block 'La Pedrera' also known as Casa Mila and spectacular landscaping at 'Parc Güell'.
Barcelona provides excellent art collections, mouth-watering shopping facilities (check out Custo!) and bouncing nightlife starting just before midnight with munching 'tapas'.

Las Ramblas, Barcelona's street market are lively and fun. Close by you will find ancient Barrio Gòtico with loads of 14th and 15th century buildings and a romantic Gothic cathedral.
If you want to leave the city you can either go to the beach or visit the spiritual shrine at Mount Montserrat. Apart from a fascinating monastery the area offers perfect climbing opportunities. From there it is not far to beautiful Costa Brava.

Study at Barcelona University

There are six universities in Barcelona turning the city into a hub of learning, research and youthful activity. The library of 'Universitat of Barcelona' is the second largest in the country - after the national library. Be careful: some lectures are held in Catalan only.

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