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Spanish Courses in Cuzco

An international Spanish course in Cuzco will greatly help your Spanish language proficiency while offering insights into a different culture and even continent. Discover the way of life of a culture influenced by Incan and by Spanish traditions while learning standard Spanish in communicatively oriented international study groups.

Cuzco City Guide

In earlier times Cuzco served as door to Incan fortress Machu Picchu and an important Incan node of commerce, administration and religion. In 1533 Picarro killed the last Incan emperor Atahualpa, which led to the downfall of Incan empire.
Today, it is a fascinating mixture of Pre-Colombian structures, Colonial buildings and contemporary mestizo culture. Esp. at Inti Raymi Cuzco comes to life with thousands of Peruvians celebrating winter solstice and the sungod following Pre-Colombian traditions while Christian believes have shaped the festival 'Virgin del Carmen' in nearby Paucartambo.
The face of the city, too, is determined by a mix of cultures: Incan ruins like Sacsayhuamán or Qoricancha (Temple of the Sun) are major highlights. Roman catholic cathedral 'Church of Triumph' was built on top of Incan ruins and bewitches with its elegant architecture. Spacious 'Plaza del Arma' holds a spectacular fountain. It is Cuzco's main square with many important buildings among them its cathedral.

Study at Cuzco University

La 'Universidad de Nacional de San Antonio Abad del Cuzco' (UNSAAC) offers a broad selection of academic courses and looks back on more than 300 years of academic tradition: It was founded by Pope Inocencio XII in 1692 and has been influential in political and social matters ever since.. A staff of about 1500 people serves the needs of more than 13.000 students.

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