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Spanish Language Courses in Peru

Many diverse cultures have shaped the face of Peru. Ancient Incan relics and vestiges of Spanish colonization overlap and contribute to the unique charm of Peru. The scenery, too, is spectacular. Peruvian Andes feature some of the highest and most beautiful peaks of South America and are dramatically set off by green Amazon basin with its diverse tropical forest. Fishing villages, dunes and farmland determine Peru's considerable coastlines. Check out the enigma of Nazca lines.

Peru's capital city Lima is crowded and polluted esp. when compared to the rest of the country. However, the inhabitants are friendly and you can find some good nightlife and decent museums. Cuzco is undeniably the archaeological hot spot in a country with a remarkably rich history. Close by remnants of an ancient Incan fortress in Machu Picchu are a highlight and definite must-see. Huaraz area with its glaciers, hot springs and spectacular mountains is an important node of a thriving trekking and hiking industry. Enormous Lake Titicaca features an intriguing indigenous community which produces most articles (housing, ships & sails) from reeds which grow on the shore.

International Spanish courses in Cuzco!

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