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Russian Courses in St. Petersburg

St. Petersburg is an impressive city to live in and the perfect surrounding for an international Russian language course. With full Russian immersion you pick up vocabulary while relaxing in a restaurant or pub or learn about the Cyrillic alphabet while strolling down the street. In a Russian language school you receive Russian instruction with communicative and modern teaching methods and profit from small international study groups. Immerse yourself into the world of Russian language and culture and discover St. Petersburg while learning to speak Russian.

St. Petersburg City Guide

St. Petersburg is undeniably Russia's most beautiful and most European city. Palace Square tells tales of Imperial Russia with its elegant buildings and monuments. The square is dominated by the phantastical Rococo shape of Winter Palace, former residence of the Tzars and now home to famous State Hermitage Museum. The adjacent spire of the Admiralty serves as orientation point. Ancient Peter & Paul fortress was mostly used as political prison, Peter & Paul cathedral features a beautiful Baroque interior. Central Vasilevsky Island attracts visitors with its numerous museums.
Nevsky prospect is the city's grandest boulevard and a good place to discover the flavor of the city. Summer Palace is a former Imperial residence. Its park is likened to Versailles, it is St. Petersburg's most traditional park and quite attractive. Sir Isaak's cathedral dominates the skyline and is good orientation point. Check out the Pushkin Flat Museum, a memorial for one of Russia's major poets. Like all television towers Radio-tele antenna offers impressive sights of the city. An all female crew supervised the construction. The combined forces of Russian and German military unfortunately destroyed Petrodvorets, a district (!) of palaces. It was rebuilt after WW II.

Study at St. Petersburg University

St. Petersburg is a node of academic education in Russia. Esp. important is its branch of technical studies with excellent ratings and a considerable number of Nobel laureates as (former) staff members. St. Petersburg State University is a modern academic institution offering the full range of academic subjects and maintaining international exchange programs worldwide.

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