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Russian Courses in Moscow

Learn to speak Russian and study the Russian writing system, the Cyrillic alphabet, in international Russian courses in Moscow with full cultural immersion. Surrounded by a Russian-speaking environment you are sure to make fast progress with your Russian language proficiency. International Russian courses are the best way to study Russian while discovering Moscow and Russian culture in unrivalled depths.

Moscow City Guide

Russian capital city Moscow is large and chaotic, struggling to come to terms with collapsed Communism and striving to reinvent itself. It has been the political, administrative and symbolic centre of Russia for more than 800 years and it has all the artefacts to prove it. Kremlin is a sight to behold with various architectural styles, numerous churches and uncountable art treasures. The Tzars used it as power base. Lenin, Stalin and Gorbachev instigated their versions of Communism from this building.
Red square and Lenin's tomb are situated next to it. Colorful St Basil's Cathedral is one of Moscow's most famous buildings with its nine uniquely shaped and adorned domes. It is situated at the South of Red Square. The entire Eastern side of the square is taken by GUM Department Store, a building in neo-Russian style with elaborate steel and glass arcades, which housed about 1000 stores. As the interest of Communism in shopping decreased the building was turned into an office complex. At the Northern side of Red Square you find nightmarish former KGB building.
Moscow's metro with its elaborate design and lavish use of marble, mosaics, sculptures and chandeliers puts many castles and palaces to shame. Check out Tretyakov gallery with the world's best collection of Russian art. If you want to relax amidst some green go to Gorki Park.

Study at Moscow University

Moscow State University is the most traditional Russian university. The campus is dominated by a Gothic skyscraper - commissioned together with 6 others - by Stalin. The buildings are known as Seven Sisters. The day of its foundation (12th January 1755) is celebrated till today as National Students Day.

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