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Russian Language Courses in Russia

Russia rivals Africa for the label 'the dark continent'. It is almost as vast and undiscovered and our notions of everyday life in Russia are hazy at best. But the sheer amount of cultural treasures and unique architecture, which have survived changing regimes and politically imposed aesthetics, turns Russia into a highly attractive travel destination. Moscow is well worth a visit even though it is mostly administrative hub, St. Petersburg is Russia's cultural hotspot and the hinterland is extensive, to say the least. Novgorod has been an artistic centre for several hundreds of years with a correlating amount of impressive architecture and art treasures.
Russia's history is a contested one and many of its sights refer either to the Russia of the Tzars, the Russian revolution or ensuing communism.

One of the most attractive ways to travel in Russia is taking the Trans-Siberian Railway from Moscow to Vladivostok at the Pacific coast. A ride on this train is almost a mythical experience and a wonderful way to discover Russian in great detail. It also the best way to see Russia's breathtaking scenery like Lake Baikal with its pristine beauty, the wilderness of Ural mountains or vast expanses of Siberia.

International Russian courses in Moscow and St. Petersburg!

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