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Japanese Courses in Tokyo

Learning Japanese language is an ambitious activity. To master the complex writing system and a totally foreign language full cultural immersion is an important step. An international Japanese course in central Tokyo is also a great chance to get to know Japan in great depth, try out a traditional bath and sample the cuisine. Learn to speak Japanese and travel to Japan!

Tokyo City Guide

With 12 million inhabitants Tokyo is packed with streets being almost as crowded at 3am as at 3 pm. Compared to Tokyo even New York seems to be a laid back town but Tokyo is quite secure. Tokyo is also a supremely modern city: older structures have been eradicated by earthquakes, fires and wars and - unlike Germany - Japan hasn't bothered to rebuild them but turned to the future.

Imperial district is still home to Japans royal family but some areas are open to the public. Ginza is a popular shopping district with Sony building displaying the hottest and the newest. Ueno-koen park offers some reveled green, temples, museums and beautiful landscaping. Tsukiji Fish Market is the largest and busiest fish market world wide. Tokyo tower was modeled after Parisian Eiffel tower. There's a John Lennon museum or a Disneyland theme park in Tokyo...
Tokyo is the best place to go when you are interested in Japanese culture. Some of the best Kabuki performances can be accessed there.

Study at Tokyo University

University of Tokyo was founded in 1874 as first national academic institution. It features nine faculties: Law, Medicine, Engineering, Letters, Science, Agriculture, Economics, Education and Pharmaceutical Sciences. A special focus is on technology and information technique.
Tokyo Metropolitan University offers courses on law, philosophy, medicine, sciences and engineering. A special focus is put on urban planning.
There are many other institutions with diverse focus and study programs in Tokyo and surrounding: it is after all Japan's capital cities.

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