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Japanese Courses in Kyoto

This traditional city is the perfect place to take an intensive Japanese language course. International and small study groups and modern Japanese teaching methods support successful foreign language learning. And while etiquette is strong in Japan, a helpful and friendly population is open to communication and tolerant towards blunders… Learn Japanese directly where it is spoken and tackle Japanese writing in an intensive Japanese course in Kyoto.

Kyoto city guide

Kyoto is one of the few Japanese cities with extensive cultural heritage: More than 1.600 ancient temples and 400 Shinto shrines tell tales of Japan's past. Palaces and landscaped parks contribute to the overall beauty of the city. Kyoto Imperial Palace was built in 794 AD and holds countless treasures. It is still used for inauguration ceremonies.
Nijo castle uses mostly Japanese cypress as building material and bewitches with understated beauty.
Kinkankuji, the temple of the Golden pavilion, features one of those magnificent and typical pagodas and temple buildings. Nanzen-ji is pleasantly set in an extensive park landscape. Ryoanji Temple is home to what is probably the most famous Zen rock garden in all of Japan--laid out at the end of the 15th century during the Muromachi Period. Fifteen rocks set in waves of raked white pebbles: from any given angle you can only see 14 of them. The 15th can only be seen via Zen meditation and enlightenment.
Kyoto is a hot spot for many traditional Japanese arts like calligraphy or ikebana (flower arrangement). In several temples zazen, public meditation is offered. After meditation a hot bath (sento) in one of the public bathing houses is probably a good idea!

Study at Kyoto University

Kyoto University was the second university to be established in Japan. It is a confederation of 14 colleges with diverse academic programs ranging from engineering and sciences to language studies.

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