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Japanese Language Courses in Japan

A unique history and geographically and politically isolated for long stretches of time Japan has breed a singular people, distinct culture and is an exciting place to travel to: safe, friendly and energetic.
Japanese cities bewitch through atmosphere and flair rather than with singular landmarks and unique architectural highlights (although you'll find them, too). Tokyo, a vast urban expanse, with nearby Yokohama and Mt. Fuji, a symmetrical volcanic mountain with 5 lakes at the bottom is a favorite destination. Kyoto features a large palace and temple area as it was the imperial capital from 8th to 19th century.
Daisetsuzan and Kirishima national parks offer beautiful mountain scenery and hiking, walking and skiing facilities. Like all else in this densely populated country, they can be crowded.
Seagaia Ocean Dome is the largest indoors water resort with a retractable roof. Ironically, Seagaia is located next to some of the most attractive beaches in Japan.

Seize the chance to immerse yourself in Japanese culture. Traditional forms of Japanese theater with exclusively male actors include popular Kabuki, aristocratic Noh and Bunraku, the traditional Japanese puppet theater. Landscaping and ikebana, the art of the flower arrangement, interact and can be admired in parks and department stores. Zen Buddhism and tea ceremony share some principles. And then there is Japanese cuisine, which is by far more diverse than sushi and sashimi. The daring can try some deadly blowfish fugu, the others are safe sampling kaiseki (Japan's haute cuisine with matching prices), tempura, various noodles, teppanyaki (steak house with at table preparation) and what not. Rice is so important to Japanese food that 'rice' and 'meal' are depicted by the same word: gohan.

International Japanese courses and study programs in Tokyo and Kyoto!

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