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Italian Courses in Rome

'Rome wasn't built in a day' is a famous saying and could well be expanded: You can't see Rome in one day. You need time to discover the capital of Italy. Speaking the language helps, too. And what better way to immerse yourself in Italian culture than to attend an Italian course at a modern and communicative language school in the center of Rome.

Rome City Guide

Rome is synonymous with history, art and dolce vita. The number and the diversity of ancient and modern sights is possibly unmatched: the ruins of Roman Forum, Coliseum ('Colloseum') and Palatine hill are the tale of the Roman Empire and the fall of Rome. Agrippa's Pantheon bewitches with a perfectly spherical dome and was build 27 BC. The number of early Christian basilicas, catacombs and Romanesque churches tell of the advent of Christianity and its rise to world wide power as plausibly shown by the building structures and art treasures of the Vatican. Marvel at St Peter's Basilica, Sistine Chapel and the Vatican Library. Capitol hill once was the holiest place and houses administrative buildings today.

Despite all its historical sights Rome is a remarkably modern city. Young people hang out on 'Scalla di Spagna' (Spanish Steps). Trevi fountain attracts the bigger share of tourist coins. Excellent museum Villa Borghese features the biggest collection of works by Michelangelo is a beautiful green expanse in this dense city.

Study at Rome University

As befitting the capital of Italy you can study pretty much anything that comes to mind. The university of fine arts is backed up by the inspiration of 3 millennia of art history outside the campus. But you can earn a degree in astrophysics, librarianship, economy, law or political science as well…

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