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Italian Language Courses in Italy

Italy is a celebrated travel destination and a powerful combination of art treasures, exceptional cuisine, a welcoming people and a diverse country ranging from spectacular Alps in the north to beautiful Mediterranean coast. It adds to the attraction that all sights and activities are within easy reach… the whole country is the same size as US state Arizona.

Its major cities Rome, Florence, Venice, Siena or Milan all have their unique identity and are well worth an extended stay. They offer exceptional shopping (for clothes and leather) and beautiful food. Dining out in Italy is a lot more than filling your stomach. It is a favorite pastime and an important social activity. So is shopping. Italian fashion and leather products probably attract as many visitors as the country's many sights.

Sicily and Sardinia are regions unto themselves with ancient ruins, ragged landscape and highly individual locals.
South-Tyrol offers spectacular hiking amidst the Alps. It is a bilingual region and its culture is closer to Austrian culture than to the hot blooded Italian way of life.
In central Italy you will find two states within the state: San Marino and Pope ruled Vatican have their own legislature even though their fates are strongly interlinked with Italian politics.

International Italian courses in Florence, Rome or Siena!

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