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Low German ('Niederdeutsch')

As mentioned before Low German is used in the region north of Benrath line. Germany's capital Berlin and major cities like Hamburg or Düsseldorf all feature Low German dialects.

As they have not taken part in the second vowel change, Low German dialects sound like Dutch or even English rather than standard German.
Below you can find some examples:

English to sit to make apple water ape
German sitzen machen Apfel Wasser Affe
Low German (Platt German) sitten maken Appel Water Aap

Some sample sentences:

English My cow gives milk.
German Meine Kuh gibt Milch.
Low German
(Platt German)
Mien Koh gifft Melk.

Dutch Dat weet ik.
German Das weiß ich.
Low German
(Berlin dialect)
Det wet ik.

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