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German Courses in Stuttgart

Attending a German language course in Stuttgart is fun. It's an urban place brimming with energy. You can spend your free time shopping, drinking coffee and tuning in on local talk and gossip - an easy way of picking up vocabulary and collocations. If you are looking for a business German course, individual German tuition or a German language summer school, Stuttgart offers what you need.

Stuttgart City Guide

Best known as the home of Porsche and Mercedes-Benz, Stuttgart is also one of Germany's major wine-growing regions and possibly Germany's greenest city with 20% of its acreage protected by a preservation order.

Stuttgart's main square called 'Schlossplatz' provides a crash course in architecture. Stock exchange, renaissance 'Altes Schloss' (old castle) and baroque 'Neues Schloss' (new castle), classical 'Königsbau', Art Nouveau 'Kunstverein' and some beautiful modern buildings display Stuttgart's unchanging importance over the centuries. Another attraction is Stuttgart's famous casino.

Today, Stuttgart is home to a vibrant youth culture: "Die Fantastischen Vier", "Massive Töne" or "Freundeskreis" have made Stuttgart a hiphop stronghold supported by an enthusiastic local scene.

Study at Stuttgart University

Unsurprisingly, considering the Ruhr region's early degree of industrialization, Stuttgart university started out as a university of technology and engineering. Only in the 1960s the status of university proper was awarded to the institute.Today, the university offers a wide range of courses.

Formerly specialized on agriculture nearby Hohenheim university offers a multitude of courses in a familiar atmosphere.
There are a number of institutes committed to design, media and art in Stuttgart and surroundings.

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