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German Courses in Regensburg

Regensburg is a beautiful city in which you will feel at home immediately! There is a lot to discover in Regensburg and a German language course might just be the opportunity you are looking for! Individual German instruction, modern and communicative German language tuition and small international study groups ensure fast progress with learning German.

Regensburg City Guide

Bavarian city Regensburg is famous for the medieval architecture of its well-preserved historic city centre, complete with narrow streets and romantic squares. The city is situated to the very North of Bavaria.
But Regensburg is not only focused on preserving the past. Its interest in modern culture and a significant local economy have contributed to labelling the city 'Medieval Metropolis'. The atmosphere is decidedly Mediterranean, which causes some people to call it 'the most northern town of Italy'.
Major sights include Regensburg's cathedral ('Dom St. Peter') featuring an impressive museum of percious liturgical instruments and devices, Porta Praetoria, a Roman city gate, chapel St. Jakob, which is decorated in Rococo style.
'Steinerne Brücke' ('Bridge of Stone') leads over Danube river and offers a breath-taking view over the city. It was built during the 12th century, is 310 m long and an example of medieval architecture and ingenuity. Close to the Danube you can find 'Donaupark', an extended leisure park and enjoy the artificial lake or Regensburg's botanic garden.

Study at Regensburg University

Regensburg university is relatively modern. It was founded in 1962 as the fourth Bavarian university and offers the full range of academic studies. Lately, Regensburg university concentrated an high-tec subjects like biochemistry and Business Informatics. As a institute of research and of education alike Regensburg univeristy enjoys an excellent international reputation.

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