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German Courses in Munich, Munchen, München

Munich caters to all tastes. Cultural and sportive activities, fashion and lifestyle, whatever you are looking for you will find it in Bavaria's capital. People are friendly and approachable. Plus, Munich's surrounding and its close proximity to the Alps offer additional experiences. All this makes for the perfect German learning environment. Immerse yourself in German language and lifestyle and study German language in an international German language program in Munich.

Munich City Guide

Munich's charming old town embraces many fine examples of Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque and neo-classical architecture. At its centre lies an open expanse of coffees and bars called 'Marienplatz'. The 'Glockenspiel' chimes away at noon and draws masses to the city hall.
'Frauenkirche', 'St. Peterskirche' and 'Heiliggeistkirche' offer architectural highlights and help tell the city's tale. Provided the weather plays along, one can even enjoy a view of the nearby Alps from one of the many turrets.

Other impressive sights are the 'Residenz', the 'Viktualienmarkt', one of Europe's greatest food markets and Nymphenberg castle, a picture-perfect Baroque palace which once served as the royal family's summer residence.

Munich is fond of its beer: traditional breweries export their various sorts of lager, pils, bock and 'Weißbier' (wheat beer) into the whole world. The 'Hofbräuhaus' is the number one beer joint. The annual 'Oktoberfest' is a unique experience with masses from all over Europe going crazy and getting drunk on beer served in units of 1 litre called 'Mass'.

Study at Munich University

Munich university features a faculty of economic sciences with a good reputation and an excellent university of technology.

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