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German Courses in Leipzig

Leipzig's flair is unique and the atmosphere is reverberating with historical importance. Numerous cultural activities assure an inspired study abroad program. Studying German with full cultural immersion allows for unique insights into German language and culture. Summer school, international German study programs or intensive business German courses are tailored to your needs.
International German courses are a perfect way to have fun in one of Germany's major cities while perfecting one's knowledge of German language.

Leipzig City Guide

Leipzig bears witness to many watersheds of history: It was here that Luther proclaimed his suggestions for religious reformation. Johann Sebastian Bach was cantor at the Church of St. Thomas, which today is one of the major sights. Felix Mendelsohn, too, composed some of his major works in Leipzig. In 1813 Schwarzenberg defeated Napoleon in a decisive battle (battle of the nations) just outside of Leipzig. In 1989 Leipzig was a starting point of the peaceful revolution, which culminated in the downfall of the GDR and the reunion of eastern and western Germany.

Important sights are the opera house, Gewandhaus orchestra, ancient city hall, battle of the nation memorial and Auerbach's cellar, which is said to have inspired the famous pub scene in Goethe's Faust. Drallewatsch, a picturesque quarter of the city, is perfect for an extended pub-crawl.

Study at Leipzig University

Leipzig's university has almost existed for 600 years! It has a strong philosophical tradition, with Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz, Friedrich Nietzsche and Werner Heisenberg being among its many distinguished scholars.

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