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German Courses in Hamburg

A unique mix of maritime traditions and metropolitan spirit are well worth an extended stay. Profit from full cultural immersion and discover the subtleties of German language in an international German course in Hamburg.

Hamburg City Guide

Hamburg might well be Germany's most liberal city. Since the Middle Ages Hamburg has been an important node of commerce, part of an inter-city-network called Hanse. Privileges regarding commerce, taxes and politics guaranteed its wealth and independence.
Even today Hamburg boasts high living standards, a cosmopolitan lifestyle and magnificent architecture. One of the major sights of Hamburg is its harbour. The medieval 'Speicherstadt' offers insights into ancient trading routines. The history of St. Pauli was shaped by maritime trade. Famous 'Reeperbahn' offers all sorts of amusements alltough mainly focusing on women and gambling.

Other famous attractions are baroque church St. Michaelis dubbed 'Michel', the city hall, the old botanic garden and Deichstraße, one of the few streets featuring traditional half timbered houses. Since 1968 Hamburg's TV tower bears witness to the progress in telecommunication history and offers a great view over all of Hamburg into the bargain.

Study at Hamburg University

University of Hamburg ranks fifth in size compared to all German universities and is an institute with a longstanding tradition.
The impressive main building is forming an elegant arc symbolizing the portal to knowledge.
Apart from a university of technology, Hamburg features numerous institutes of higher learning concentrating on art, media and even politics.

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