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German Courses in Freiburg im Breisgau

Study German abroad and get to know one of Germany's most beautiful cities: Freiburg im Breisgau. People are open-minded and tolerant. The predominance of young people and students ensures numerous possibilities to contact local people and enhance your German language skills while making friends.

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Freiburg im Breisgau City Guide

Freiburg is situated at the southern tip of Black Forest region in the immediate vincinity of France (3 km distance) and Switzerland (42 km). Major sights are the impressive cathedral ('Münster unsrer lieben Frau') with its mix of Romanesque and Gothic architecture, old and new city hall, historic merchant houses and Gothic 'Haus zum Wahlfisch' ('house of the whale'), in which Renaissance philosopher Erasmus von Rotterdam resided for some years.

Freiburg offers many cultural events, restaurants, coffee shops, museums and art galleries without losing its small town charm. Freiburg's traditional cuisine, based on asparagus, river trout and 'kässpätzle' (a cheese-covered dish of noodles), is something to savour.
Its pleasant climate is a definite point in the city's favour and provides the ideal basis for extended excursions into beautiful Black Forest region or even - given the short distance - France and Switzerland. In winter skiing is an option, in summer nearby mountains invite to go hiking or mountain biking.

Study at Freiburg University

Even though it has always been a small town, Freiburg features one of the most traditional universities of Germany (founded in 1457 AD).
Accordingly, cultural life is vibrant and the pub scene thriving and filled with students and other youngsters out for a laugh and a chat.

Freiburg university offers numerous academic focal points and courses of study, from economic to philosophic or musical studies.

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