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German Courses in Dresden

Dresden offers all the leisure activities that can be expected of a modern city.
Cultural activities: theatre, opera, concerts, exhibitions, museums;
sportive activities: fitness centres, parks, lakes;
and a vibrant nightlife are all represented in Saxony's capital.
Dresden is the first choice for studying German in Germany's East.

Intensive German language courses with full cultural immersion are the royal road to studying German. In our recommended study abroad programs you learn German in small international study groups.

Dresden City Guide

Once an important cultural and commercial metropolis featuring some of Germany's most impressive architecture, Dresden was practically wiped out within two nights of air raids in February, 1945. Severe bombing turned the proud city centre into a heap of rubble. Even today, the ruins of the 'Frauenkirche' (women's church) commemorate this event. Only now, half a century later, the church is being rebuilt using all material that can still be found.

However, Dresden's centre still houses many impressive sights: Semperoper, renowned for its excellent acoustics, baroque 'Zwinger', cathedral, and royal castle are just some of the highlights. Dresden's equivalent to San Fran's Golden Gate Bridge is called blue wonder ('Blaues Wunder'). The impressive bridge is an typical example of 19th century fascination with steel and engineering.

Study at Dresden University

Dresden's university is unique in that it - for a considerable period of time - offered courses on technical sciences and engineering only.
After Germany's reunification the educational resources have been expanded to include the faculties of economics, humanities, social sciences and medicine.

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