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German Courses in Kitzbühel, Kitzbuel, Kitzbuhl

Kitzbühel is the perfect place to combine sightseeing and skiing with an intensive German language course. Scenic and spectacular mountains, enchanting valleys and a charming historic centre provide impressive sights for everyone. Improve your German language skills while enjoying one of the most beautifull parts of Austria in the heart of the Tyrol. German study abroad programs are the royal road to studying German language.
In Austria people speak standard German, a pure and correct German with a melodious pronunciation.

Kitzbühel City Guide

Kitzbühel and its neighboring towns Lechberg, Kirchberg and Mittersill offer skiers a really big and modesrn skiing area. Its very famous 'Hahnenkamm' race, one of the most important annual skiing events and the reputation as a Apres Ski town, make the area around Kitzbühel to a very popular and exclusive skiing region in Tyrolia. By the way, parts of the 1965 movie "Help!" starring the Beatles was filmed in Kitzbühel.

Clean air, spectacular sights, lakes and glaciers and well-tended trails and hikes contribute to the Austrian Alps allure and attract numerous tourists and visitors.
The Alps flora and fauna is unique as well: edelweiss, Austria's national flower, and gentian ('Enzian') might be rare, but they have shaped the worlds image of Austria and the Alps. Chamois, marmots and ibexes are well adapted to the alpine habitat.

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