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French Courses in Paris

In bustling Paris you are surrounded by up to date French language and vocabulary the minute you step out of bed. Discover the City of Light without any haste while you improve your career chances with an international French language course. Learn to speak French directly where it is spoken. Pick up French language while enjoying a memorable holiday in Paris, capital of France.

Paris City Guide

Paris is in some ways the essence of France. Notre Dame cathedral ranks among the most magnificent Gothic churches. Landmark Eiffel tower is masterpiece of engineering and sparked up a vivid discourse with Paris' elite demanding it be torn down immediately. Gladly, they did not prevail.
Shops, fast food stalls and showrooms adorn elegant shopping promenade Champs-Élysées on its way from Place de la Concorde to Arc de Triomphe. 'Grand Arche' is the 20th century counterpart of ancient arc of triumph and is an example for Paris' interest in cutting edge architecture.
Montmartre has preserved some of its village spirit and was formerly inhabited by the likes of Van Gogh, Renoir, Monet or Picasso. Sacre-Coeur church and its cemetery are best known sights.

Centre Pompidou is an avant-garde building with a collection of 20th century art. Musée d'Orsay is a spectacular adaption of an abandoned railway station and devoted to 19th century art. The Louvre is breathtaking for its architecture as well as its art collection.
Tuileries garden and Jardin du Luxembourg provide an illusion of nature in this ever-active city. For major (landscape) architecture head to Versailles just outside of Paris.

Study at Paris University

As capital of France Paris offers a dense and exciting selection of academic studies. The Sorbonne is Paris' best known and most traditional university. Dauphin university enjoys an excellent reputation for its economic studies. Students of architecture will not lack inspiration either. Paris features good programs for film and art studies, too.

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