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French Language Courses in France

Fairytale castles, tasty wine, cheese and artful French cuisine are all part of the trademark. Choice is difficult in a country with enormous art treasures, numerous architectural highlights, beautiful landscape and a parade of shops where you can buy anything from prêt-a-porter to haute-couture!

Central Île-de-France is known for its density of Gothic, Baroque and Renaissance castles. Check out Chateaus de Versailles and Chantilly for starters. Clerical architecture, too, is admirable: Notre Dame de Paris and Notre Dame de Chartres are among the world's finest churches. Notre Dame de Reims was coronation church of many French kings.

No other French city can rival Paris but that does not mean they are not worth a visit. Biarritz and Nice feature the most fashionable beaches. Charmonix is their winter sport equivalent. If you do not visit Cannes for its Côte d'Azur beaches do come for annual International Film Festival. Marseille is an important harbor and proud center of an enormously creative underground music scene.

Famous Côte d'Azur, the French Alps, Brittany or the Provence… all French regions have preserved their unique charm, cuisine and local pride. The great diversity of this country is one of its major assets. Famous annual bike race Tour de France takes you on 20 stages all over the country.

International French courses in Nice or Paris!

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