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French Courses in Montreal

Montreal is the largest French speaking city in Canada and with its unique beauty, flair and tolerant lifestyle definitely worth a visit. Take the chance to learn to speak French in an open-minded surrounding and in small learning groups. An international French language course provides intensive and individual French tuition and Montreal offers all the inspiration you could wish for.

Montreal City Guide

Montreal is possibly the sexiest city in Canada with exuberant nightlife, top-notch cultural events like the Montreal Jazz Festival and a dazzling fashion scene. The city is situated on an island between St. Lawrence and Ottawa river with volcanic 'Mount Royal' as major landmark and Blvd St Laurent as lifeline.
Downtown is a collection of playful skyscrapers, Montreal's best museums (Musée d'Art Contemporain, Musée des Beaux Arts) and excellent Mc Gill university. 'Quartier Latin' houses Université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM).
Two isles built for Expo 1967 serve as recreational areas with sports facilities, Montreal's casino and architectural highlight Biosphère, an ecology theme park. 'Parc Olympique' and its stadium are spectacular, too.

About 66% of the population speak French as first language, a considerable part English and the number of people with even another first language is growing constantly. Montreal profits a lot from this diversity and is a safe, tolerant town.
Winters are fierce. To avoid snowbite a considerable part of the city features an elaborate tunnel system full of shops: 'Underground City'.

Study at Montreal University

Generally, Canada's educational system is excellent. Mc Gill ranks among the very first universities in Canada with a choice selection of academic subjects. Montreal's UQAM offers an attractive selection of courses as well.
Both universities boast an impressive location. Mc Gill is an integral part of Montreal's old town, UQAM is situation in the midst of hip and urban Plateau Mount Royal.

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