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French Language Courses in Canada

Canada is stereotyped for its vast expanses, rural wilderness and natural beauty. Those stereotypes ring true, but Canada has a lot more to offer. The contrast between its indigenous, British and French traditions combined with the permanent influx of migrants have helped shape a diverse, multicultural society which has finally defined its identity and cannot anymore be confused with its neighbor to the South: the United States. Canada's most imminent problem is the considerable tension between English speaking territories and the Province of Québec which contemplates independence. As yet, the split has been avoided, but the jury is still out.

Montreal and Québec are the leading French speaking cities of Canada and they have a lot going for them. Not just language, but the whole culture (architecture, cuisine, music and religion) is largely influenced by France. Like the rest of Canada the province of Quebec offers vast expanses of untouched land with caribou herds, boreal woods and tundra in Northern quebec, Apallachian mountains and the beauty of St. Lawrence river.

For a long time Canada was self conscious about its (lack of) culture. Today, this feeling of inferiority is a thing of the past. The cultural traditions of Canada's indigenous population esp. of the Inuit are being preserved and contemporary artists boosted.
Great writers like Michel Tremblay, Mordecai Richler or Mavis Gallant and musicians like Céline Dion have become famous world wide and helped establishing a unique cultural identity.

French language courses in Montreal or Québec!

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