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Canadian English

  • Canadian English uses a mix of British and American spelling. The same applies for pronunciation and stress patterns.

  • Vocabulary has been strongly influenced by Native American sources. Caribou, kayak,.. have all successfully entered Canadian English.

  • Bilingualism has left its traces, too. In Canadian French there is a considerable number of French loanwords such as serviette rather than napkin.

  • Question tags "don't, hasn't,…" are often replaced by a short tag "eh?".

Is this a problem for learning English?

As mentioned above, we are talking about standard varieties, not regional dialects. Dialects and slang can be strong and difficult to understand, no matter where you are going. However, standard varieties are hardly ever mutually incomprehensible and are all totally acceptable in official context and examinations!

In all recommended language schools you are taught standard English. Acquiring some local slang and dialectal vocabulary is fun and adds excitement to your English learning experience. However, your main activities will be centered around standard English!

International English courses in Canada!

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