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English Language Courses in Florida

Sunny, beachy and vibrant Florida offers outdoor sports, cultural input and a tolerant spirit to all its visitors. Those factors contribute to an over the top English language learning experience.
Get a colorful introduction to English language and American culture in a unique setting and favored climate.

Florida Travel Guide

Florida is famous for its ocean, beaches and wildlife. Live alligators in the Everglades, swimming with dolphins in Fort Lauderdale, exploring Walt Disney's universe (Disney World, Sea World, Epcot,…) or finding out about movie making in MGM and Universal studios in and around Orlando are just some of Florida's many attractions. If you are into space travel venture out to Kennedy and Cape Canaveral Space Launch Centers.
Tampa is consciously disappointing prejudices of sunny Florida and attracts visitors looking for a holiday beyond beach boy stereotypes.
Coral reefs Florida Keys and Key West are coveted holiday destinations.

Culture, arts and writing have always profited from Florida's diverse population: Musicians like Julian 'Cannonball' Adderly, Pat Boone, Jim Morrison, actors Faye Dunaway and Sidnay Poitier are all coming from Florida.
Ernest Hemingway chose to live in Miami. Zora Neale Hurston explored the issue of racial identity in her writing. Miami Vice style super detectives dominate the works of Charles Willeford, Elmore Leonard and Carl Hiassen.

English courses in Fort Lauderdale and Miami!

Florida university

Florida offers a good number of diverse institutes of higher education. Agriculture and high-tech studies in the field of space travel enjoy an especially good reputation. University of Miami features renowned programs in the fields of biology, architecture, business and communication studies and visual and performing arts. Computer sciences at Florida university are highly attractive as well.

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