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English Language Courses in California

California appeals to young people especially. Its seemingly boundless resources of hope and daring dreams create an electrified and inspired atmosphere. Profit from the stirring spirit of California and use your time to best effects: In an English learning holiday abroad you can combine leisure and excitement with acquiring a profound grasp of English language.
Immerse yourself in English language and American culture and live in one of the most exciting regions of the United States.

California Travel Guide

The history of California's capital Sacramento is closely linked to the Going West mythology of the Great Gold Rush, adventurous Pony Express and first continental railroad.
Its landscape is varied: Sierra Nevada lowers into Death Valley, Yosemite national park houses famous giant sequoias and offers spectacular hiking. The odd appearance of Joshua trees has been known to the world ever since U2's record breaking long player.
Legendary Route 66 was the first direct interconnection between Chicago and Los Angeles and is one of the most spectacular scenic roads of the States.
Napa Valley wineries produce excellent chardonnay.

Earthquake prone Los Angeles has long since reached unmanageable dimensions. Hollywood, Santa Monica, Beverly Hills, Malibu Beach, Pasadena, El Segundo or Anaheim all add their specific flavor. San Francisco bewitches with its bay area, its many bridges and its interest in alternative lifestyles.
Before the collapse of internet related businesses Silicon Valley and its capital San Jose seemed to reinvent the American Dream.

English courses in Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco or Santa Barbara!

California university

Universities in California excel in many fields of study from agriculture or architecture to visual and performing arts.
The campus atmosphere is usually relaxed and inspiring and the general youthfulness and openness of the country will be reflected in your studies and research.

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