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English Language Courses in the United Kingdom (U.K.)!

Despite its reputation as being troubled by rainy weather England attracts a high number of tourists and visitors every year. Apart from fascinating London, England offers diverse attractions: elegant sea-side resorts like Brighton and Bath, romantic coastlines spotted with picturesque fishing villages in Cornwall and Whales, natural sights like the White Cliffs of Dover and the beauty of the Lake District. Northern England and Scotland bewitch with their ragged hills, marshes and castles.
Towns like Edinburgh, Manchester or Liverpool add to England's facets, while traditional university towns like Oxford, Cambridge or Royal Windsor stand for traditional English lifestyle. Not to mention the birthplace of William Shakespeare: Stratford-Upon-Avon.

England is very much a mythical place: Celtic remains like Stonehenge, haunted castles and lakes inhabited by monsters like Loch Ness set the tone for a society which is as much interested in soccer as in its Royal family.

The last century has seen drastic changes for Great Britain. Today, England strives to combine tradition with modernity which helps explain phenomena like the ennoblement of the Beatles or their ardent interest in tea and total disinterest in coffee. It does not, however, explain their fondness of word play or their tolerance towards cueing. Those mysteries you will have to solve yourself!

Understanding English helps. It also significantly improves your career options. Take the time for a total immersion English language course in England and find out for yourself!

Recommended English courses in London, Edinburgh or Cambridge!

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