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English Courses in Malta

The British helped to defend Malta against Napoleon and liked the island so much, they colonized it. Hence, English is first and official language on Malta and the premier Mediterranean English language learning location. Educational system is entirely British and Maltese English language schools enjoy an excellent reputation world wide. Enjoy a unique mixture of Mediterranean and British lifestyles and improve your English by attending an international English language course in Malta. Esp. English language summer schools are immensely attractive.

Malta Guide

Malta is not merely old, it's essentially mythical with Medieval dungeons, megalithic temples, dizzying limestone cliffs, Mediterranean seashore and heaps of sunshine.
The island's history was a contested one with all inhabitants leaving their traces: Today, Malta is proud of an unmatched density of archeological and cultural treasures. Discover the 'silent city' of Mdina with its serene baroque cathedral or the prehistoric ruins of Hagar Qim. Another the distinct influence originates from Christian crusades. Catholic order 'Knights of St. John's' are still celebrated by the deeply Catholic population. Mosta is famous for its massive church Rotunda, which has one of the largest unsupported domes in the world.
Neighboring island Gozo features a prettier countryside, fewer tourists, the impressive domes of Ggantija temples and mythical Calypso's cave. Check out island sea with its beautiful beaches.

Malta is obviously perfect for any beach activity and one of the best European spots for snorkeling and diving.

Study at Malta University

The academic antecessor of Malta university was founded by Jesuits in the 16th century. The order was expatriated two centuries later, but the university staid on. About 7000 Maltese students profit from a wide selection of courses.
For those striving to enter the realm of diplomace there is even an Academy of Diplomatic Studies.

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