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English Language Courses in Canada!

Canada is stereotyped for its vast expanses, rural wilderness and natural beauty. The contrast between its indigenous, British and French traditions combined with the permanent influx of migrants have helped shape a diverse, multicultural society which has finally defined its identity and cannot anymore be confused with its neighbor to the South: the United States.

Splendid Rocky Mountains which house Canada's major national park cum favorite skiing resort Banff flatten into the countries heartlands - the Prairies with their fields of wheat and sunflowers. The thundering vistas of the Niagara falls are largely familiar, so is the beauty of the shore off Vancouver. The tides in Bay of Fundy are the mightiest in the world with a tidal range of 16 m (53 ft).
Obviously, most outdoor activities can be enjoyed to any extreme and hiking, skiing, heli skiing, fishing and hunting are favorite pastimes of locals and tourists alike.

Canada cities are fabulous as well. UNESCO has elected Toronto to be the world's most diverse city with 40% of its population born overseas, Calgary is fueled by its wild outpost mythology and Vancouver, with a surprisingly mild climate, bridges, bays and ocean views, successfully passes itself off as Canada's San Francisco.

For a long time Canada was self conscious about its (lack of) culture. Today, this feeling of inferiority is a thing of the past. The cultural traditions of Canada's indigenous population esp. of the Inuit are being preserved and contemporary artists boosted.
Great writers like Margaret Atwood or Michael Ondaatje and musicians like Joni Mitchell, Leonard Cohen or Neil Young have become famous world wide and helped establishing a unique cultural identity. Royal Canadian Mounted Police is another emblem of national pride and identity.

International English courses in Toronto or Vancouver!

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