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English Courses in Sydney

Australia is a favorite travel destination and has a lot to offer. In Sydney you get to know its most diverse and fascinating city in great detail. With an English language program abroad you learn to speak English in great fluency while discovering a foreign way of living and experiencing Sydney from a different viewpoint: for a certain period of time you are almost a local! Head down under for a successful English language course.

Sydney City Guide

Olympic Sydney is the unofficial capital of Australia and the continent's economic force, cultural metropolis and earliest European settlement. Its spectacular opera house is a picture book example of how a politically contested project becomes an icon of national identity and pride. Sydney Harbor Bridge is another amazing sight. You can go sailing and canoeing in the midst of one of the world's major skylines.
Sydney is also one of the best places to discover Australian beach culture with Bondi Beach being the uncontested queen of beaches: sandy with incessant majestic rollers inviting to surf.

Sydney's impressive tolerance is the foundation of its multiethnic society. It also features a proud gay and lesbian community. Cultural events come in great abundance but sports and outdoor activities are definitely more appreciated - we are talking about sunny Australia after all.

Study at Sydney University!

Sydney is proud of its university which was the first on the continent. Today, with a rich diversity of courses and a reputation for teaching and research excellence, the University attracts students and staff from around the world. Studying at the University of Sydney offers you the opportunity to choose from the most diverse range of courses provided by any Australian university.

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