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A few good reasons for learning (Mandarin) Chinese

  • Communication
    Mandarin Chinese is spoken by an enormous amount of people worldwide. To estimate the total number of Chinese-speaking people is difficult as there exist differing viewpoints on wether all Chinese varieties and dialects should be taken into account. However, the number of Chinese speaking people probably exceeds a billion! This makes Chinese the most common language of the world.

  • Business & Education
    Obviously, proficiency in the language spoken by the highest amount of speakers world wide looks good on any CV!

  • Culture & Entertainment
    Chinese culture has been leading for centuries with the invention of paper, gunpowder and their writing systems centuries before comparable discoveries took place in Europe. Chinese food, calligraphy, TCM (Traditional Chinese medicine), acupuncture, tai'chi and feng shui have especially sparked a fascination in Europe and North America. Chinese opera is a fascinating and elaborate art form

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