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Chinese Courses in Shanghai

Take advantage of the infrastructure of a cosmopolitan city. Discover the unique mixture of European and Chinese traditions while learning Mandarin Chinese in an intensive study program. Immersed in Chinese language you read Chinese symbols while strolling down the streets. In small intensive study groups you learn about the structure of Mandarin Chinese while playfully experiencing with this language in your free time.

Shanghai City Guide

Shanghai was the first Chinese port open to Europeans (Portuguese and British traders) and enjoyed a scandalous reputation of gambling, whoring and opium smoking. Mao put away with all this sending the city into a forced beauty sleep from which it has lately been gradually awakening.
Jade Buddha temple with its 6foot Buddha statue made from one block of white jade and Yu garden with its fish ponds and pagodas offer glimpses of ancient Shanghai.
The Bund
is the embankment of the city's muddy waterfront. The Bund served as active trading center in the times of early European involvement with European merchant houses to prove it. Nanjing road connects the Bund with the city center and is the equivalent of Fifth avenue with impressive neon signs and a choice selection of shops. Like American towns feature their Chinatowns, Shanghai has its very own center of French traditions called Frenchtown or French Concession in earlier times and is the place to go for food!

Study at Shanghai University

Only in 1994 four institutes of higher learning where united to form Shanghai university. Even though Shanghai university offers a diverse and comprehensive selection of academic programs there seems to be a focus on technology and engineering. There is an institute specializing in intellectual property protection.

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