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Chinese Courses in Beijing

Full cultural immersion helps all foreign language learning. This is especially true for Mandarin or Chinese language in general. Being surrounded by a Chinese-speaking population and Chinese language media supports the mastering of tonal subtleties which are essential to meaning in Chinese language. An international Mandarin Chinese course will enable you to communicate in Chinese while allow for extensive discoveries of Beijing!

Beijing City Guide

China's capital is an enormous administrative hub with a fascinating mix of Maoist slogans and MTV culture, skyscrapers and ancient neighborhoods (hutongs).
Main attractions include formidable Forbidden City (Gugong), the largest palace area world wide with its 9.999 rooms, one room short of the 10.000 reserved for divinity. Tiantin park with its incredible Ming architecture is itself a reason to travel to Beijing. The buildings are immensely clever and intricate manifestations of religious belief.
Tiananmen Square (Gate of Heavenly Peace) is an enormous square in central Beijing which has often been used for public parades. It is a symbol of Mao's Cultural Revolution.
There's a Tibetan temple in Beijing, the Lama temple, is incredibly beautiful with formidable tapestry and wood carving.
15 km outside Beijing you can find Summer Palace with a beautiful imperial garden. Check out the marble boat!

Chinese opera is a traditional art form with music, dance, acrobatic and elaborate costumes and masks blending into a colourful and fascinating experience. Gestures, movements and expressions are highly codified and all contribute to meaning and storytelling. The characters are archetypes rather then individuals and even the female roles are portrayed by male actors. Beijing opera is the most refined form and China's capital assembles the best performers of the country.

Study at Beijing University

Beijing university is a collection of about 30 colleges and 12 departments offering a comprehensive set of study programs to its students. More than 200 research institutes and centres attempt to combine education and research.

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