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Chinese Language Courses in China

China is not so much a travel destination, it is a world unto itself. Chinese language, culture, architecture and scenery are so unlike anything else you have seen before, unless of course, you have travelled to China before.

Its cities like Hong Kong, Shanghai or Beijing are clogged urban centers with an unmatched density of people, housing, shopping, traffic and what not. Close to Shanghai you find Nanjing, a provincial capital known for its beauty.

The country itself is vast and varied, from Mongolian deserts to the holy peaks of Tibet. Karakoram highway is the pathway to Pakistan and a part of ancient silk road.
Yangtze river is the third longest river on earth, with numerous city at its banks among them Wuhan and Shangai. In 1974 some archaeologists unearthed Xi'an's major attraction: the army of Terra Cotta Warriors, more than thousand live sized statues of soldiers.

To the North of Beijing, China's capital, a famous wall zigzags through the country. The Great Wall is one of the great wonders of the world and dates back more than 2000 years stretching for more than 4.500 miles from Korea to Gobi desert.
Gobi desert hides Mogao cave, or the cave of a thousand buddhas featuring ancient religious murals. Yunnan Stone Forest bewitches with its massive collection of fantastical grey limestone pillars.

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