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A world of languages
Browse our guide to 8 major languages of the world with a collection of language facts and characteristics, grammar features and information on language distribution and varieties.

TOP Languages
1. English     21 %
2. German     14 %
3. French     13 %

TOP Language Countries
1. China     16 %
2. USA     15 %
3. Canada     15 %

TOP Language Capitals
1. Montreal     14 %
2. Tokyo     14 %
3. New York     12 %

Language variety world wide
Language Varieties Many languages feature independent local centers with their unique standardized
language variation. Possibly the best known example is English with American, Australian, British and Canadian English being on the par. Other famous examples include German, Spanish or Chinese. Find out more about language variety world wide.

International Penpals for free!
Foreign Language Penpals Meet people from all over the world! International pen pals are a fun way to improve your foreign language
skills, find out about different countries and get to know people of all ages, nationalities and interests united by their curiosity about language and culture.

German Foreign Language Course in Austria

German Language Course in VIENNA, Austria

Vienna is a traditional melting pot for what used to be a multinational empire during the Habsburg monarchy. This cultural diversity enriched the city's lifestyle and resulted in transforming Austria's capital into one of the most beautiful and exciting cities of Europe with St. Stephen Cathedral, Spanish Riding School and Schönbrunn castle being amont its major sights ...

English Foreign Language Course in UK

English Language Course in LONDON, Great Britain

London buys you over in a minute. The capital of England is a bustling metropolis full of diverse sights and attractions. An international English course in London affords you the time to explore one of the world's most fascinating cities, while boosting your English language skills at the same time.

Mandarin Chinese Foreign Language Course in China

Mandarin Chinese Language Course in BEIJING, China

China's capital is an enormous administrative hub with a fascinating mix of Maoist slogans and MTV culture, skyscrapers and ancient neighborhoods (hutongs). Full cultural immersion supports the mastering of tonal subtleties which are essential to meaning in Chinese language.

Japanese Foreign Language Course in Japan

Japanese Language Course in TOKYO, Japan

Compared to Tokyo even New York seems to be a laid back town but Tokyo is quite secure. It is also a supremely modern city: older structures have been eradicated by earthquakes, fires and wars and - unlike Germany - Japan hasn't bothered to rebuild them but turned to the future.

Russian Foreign Language Course in Russia

Russian Language Course in MOSCOW, Russia

Russian capital city Moscow is large and chaotic, struggling to come to terms with collapsed Communism and striving to reinvent itself. It has been the political, administrative and symbolic centre of Russia for more than 800 years and it has all the artefacts to prove it.

French Foreign Language Course in France

French Language Course in PARIS, France

Paris is in some ways the essence of France. Notre Dame cathedral ranks among the most magnificent Gothic churches. Landmark Eiffel tower is masterpiece of engineering and sparked up a vivid discourse with Paris' elite demanding it be torn down immediately. Gladly, they did not prevail ...

TOP Language Countries
1. China 16%
2. USA 15%
3. Canada 15%
4. Malta 10%
5. France 9%
6. Australia 8%
7. UK 8%
8. Austria 7%
9. Russia 7%
10. Germany 6%
Browse our overview of language facts, characteristic features and fascinating trivia.